Women's Health Guide: No Gym Required

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Women's Health Guide: No Gym Required

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Sculpt a lean and sexy body using nothing other than your own weight. Well show you how.

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You dont have to use weights to ramp up your strength-training routine. Using only your body weight naturally personalizes your workout and helps you achieve a lean and strong body.

Full of simple but effective total-body moves, these do-anywhere, equipment-free workouts will tighten and tone every inch of your body. Plus, theyll flatten and strengthen your core more than any other workout. And with body-weight training, youll never stop challenging yourselfyoull stay motivated and inspired every day, working up to more difficult moves.

Your body (and this guide!) are the only tools you need to score your hottest look ever. Ready to get strong as hell and achieve the best version of you?

New in this issue:

  • 15-Minute Workouts that Target Every Zone
  • Best Yoga Moves for a Slim & Strong Body
  • The Simple Plan to Master the Pushup and the Chinup
  • 10 Weeks to a Half-Marathon!
  • Shaun Ts Hard-Core Moves for Your Sexiest Bod
  • Achieve Serious Balance
  • Maximize Your Workout with Dumbbells, Resistance Straps, and Foam Rolling
  • Supercharge Your Metabolism
  • The Ultimate 10-Minute Warmup