Walk Your Way To Better Health

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Walk Your Way To Better Health

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The World's Easiest Way to Drop Pounds, Boost Energy, and Beat Disease

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Learn how to Walk Away from belly fat, heart disease, and diabetes in just minutes a day!

The secret is a breakthrough new walking plan from Prevention, Walk Your Way to Better Health. On this walking program, youll discover the one-two punch of combining interval walking (speeding up and slowing down) with simple moves that work more muscle to fire up your metabolism and burn more fat and calories than traditional walking plans.

Scientific research shows walking this way can improve your health! The benefits to your mind, body, and health are amazing!

  • Lose up to 6X more weight
  • Flatten your belly and tone every inch
  • Stave off diabetes and balance your blood sugar
  • Cut your risk of breaking a hip by 40%
  • Beat high blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • Cut your risk of heart attack by up to 35%

Research shows that when you constantly walk at the same pace, your body goes on autopilot and stops burning fat. But if you add intervals to your walk (speeding up and slowing down), you can lose up to 6X more weight! You can also improve your blood sugar levels, cut your risk of heart attack, stave off osteoporosis, and more. The Walk Your Way to Better Health plan combines the power of interval walking with simple walking techniques and strength moves that work your upper and lower body. Youll maximize fat and calorie burn while your legs, hips, arms, back, and tummy all get slimmer and stronger!

With this program you will get the Walk Your Way to Better Healthbook and plan, along with an MP3 Player preloaded with walking workouts, so all you'll need is to lace up your shoes and get going!