Riptensity DVD

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Riptensity DVD

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Riptensity DVD

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Workouts So Intense, They RIP Away Body Fat!

Riptensity is the fast-and-furious new training system that can flatten your belly, strengthen your mind and body, and give you an edge on life! And, there's absolutely NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED! All you need is your body weight and just 30 minutes! Created by Mens Health Top Trainer Gideon Akande, this revolutionary fitness program will help you:

  • Rip Your Abs, Chest, Arms, and Legs!
  • Blast Stubborn Belly Flab!
  • Get Stronger All Over!
  • Crank Up Your Fat-Burning Metabolism!
  • Become an Unstoppable Fitness Machine!

Riptensity works because of the three-part fat-burning formula: Razor-thin Rest Periods, Strategic Exercise Combinations, and Oscillating Training Methods. New research from North Dakota State University suggests that these techniques can help you burn significantly more calories per minute than running can. Plus, because every Riptensity workout offers three different levels of difficulty, its perfect for both those starting out and advanced exercisers alike. Plus both men and women LOVE RIPTENSITY!

Get Riptensity to Get Ripped!

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