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  1. Advanced 5K Plan (8 weeks)

    Advanced 5K Plan (8 weeks)


    This plan is geared for an experienced runner and racer who regularly runs at least five days a week, an average of 25 miles per week, with long runs of at least eight miles. Unless otherwise noted, all runs should be done at an easy pace.

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  2. Advanced 10K Plan (6 weeks)

    Advanced 10K Plan (6 weeks)

    Advanced 10K Plan (6 weeks) Learn More
  3. 5 Weeks to Your First 5K

    5 Weeks to Your First 5K


    It's perhaps the most important step you’ll take, deciding to run your first 5-K. Be confident though. Because if you can run 10 minutes, you can run a 5-K 5 weeks from now. Race one to rev up your fitness, reboot your routine, and have a little fun!

    With invaluable guidance for building to your first race and a stellar race-day performance, 5 Weeks to Your First 5-K has what you need to get to the starting line ready to run your best. You’ll find:

    • Tips to help you get the right shoes and the rest you need and tips on the importance of pacing your training
    • A simple, easy-to-follow training plan to keep you fit and focused
    • 10 motivation boosters to help you overcome any obstacle! Whether you need to bust out of a rut or shake off self-doubt, we’ve got solutions to get you across the finish line.
    • Proven race-day strategies! What to do in the days and hours before your 5-K to ensure a successful race
    • Fueling rules! What to eat and drink during training and on the big day
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  4. 3-Day Training Plan for Busy Runners (16 weeks)

    3-Day Training Plan for Busy Runners (16 weeks)


    If you want to go 26.2 miles but have a schedule thats already jam-packed, this plan is for you. This program is geared for a runner with at least three years of experience, who regularly logs 35 to 40 miles per week and has completed other marathons and shorter races. This plan will help you develop the strength and endurance to run the marathon, and give you the flexibility you need to fit training into your busy life. Each week features three quality workouts including Yasso 800s, marathon-pace runs, and long runs. Any other easy runs or cross-training you do on the other days are extra credit. You can move around all the workouts, as long as you dont do hard workouts, like long runs and speed work, back to back.


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  5. 20-Week Marathon Plan

    20-Week Marathon Plan


    This 20-week marathon training plan is designed for those who have been running regularly at least four times per week for three months and ideally at least one year. It includes easy days, rest days, long runs and marathon-pace runs. The first four weeks are low mileage with four runs per week; the final four weeks also have four runs per week, but with higher overall weekly mileage. At the beginning, the pattern allows for a smoother transition between routine running and formal marathon training. Near the end of training it allows you to ease off of the peak weeks and into the taper with longer endurance-building workouts that simulate what you'll do on race day, and give you the opportunity you need to rest and recover.

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  6. Runner's World Yoga Block & Strap

    Yoga Block & Strap

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price: $15.00

    Yoga Block & Strap Learn More
  7. Runner's World Yoga for Runners DVD

    Runner's World Yoga for Runners DVD

    An Active-Recovery Routine for Stronger, Faster, Injury-Free Running Learn More
  8. Run For Abs - Spiral Bound Guide

    Run For Abs - Spiral Bound Guide

    Run Off Belly Fat! Learn More
  9. Break 2:30 Half Marathon Plan (10 weeks)

    Break 2:30 Half Marathon Plan (10 weeks)

    This 10-week plan was designed by the experts at Runner's World for anyone who wants to break 2:30 in a half marathon. It is geared for runners who have at least a year of experience running on a regular basis and who log an average of 15 miles per week. Most weeks include three days of rest, three to four days of shorter runs, and one long run, which starts at five miles, builds gradually, and peaks at 13 miles. You'll do workouts that include miles at your goal race pace so that you can develop the stamina you need to finish 13.1 miles feeling strong. Learn More
  10. Break 20 Minutes 5K Plan (8 weeks)

    Break 20 Minutes 5K Plan (8 weeks)

    Break 20 Minutes 5K Plan (8 weeks) Learn More

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