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  1. Olympic-Distance Triathlon Plan for Runners (12 weeks)

    Olympic-Distance Triathlon Plan for Runners (12 weeks)


    If youre a runner heading to your first Olympic-distance triathlon, this 12-week plan is for you. Runners World and tri coach Dara Wittenberg have created this program specifically for runners preparing for an Olympic-distance triathlon (typically a 1.5-kilometer swim, a 40-kilometer ride, and a 10K run). Its designed to help you take advantage of the running strength you already have, so that you can run strong off the bike on race day, and help you to develop the strength you need to complete the swimming and cycling workouts feeling strong. Most weeks include one day of rest, two days of biking, two days of swimming, and two days of running. Your swims will include pool and open-water workouts. Youll also have brick workouts (combination workouts) so that you get plenty of race-day rehearsal. Youre ready for this plan as long as you can swim four laps of a pool (200 meters) nonstop and bike for 45 minutes without resting.


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  2. Your Ultimate Half-Marathon Guide

    Your Ultimate Half-Marathon Guide


    With invaluable tips on building to 13.1 miles and a stellar race-day performance, this training guide features a plan for every runner. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced runner, Your Ultimate Half Marathon Training Guide has everything you need. In this guide, you’ll get:

    • 9 week training plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners. 
    • Training pitfalls identified! The most common training mistakes to avoid so that you can remain injury free. 
    • Fuel facts disclosed! What to eat after every run and how to time it right. 
    • Proven race-day strategies revealed! When to hold back and when to pick up the pace. 
    • 4 training truths explained: Find out how to rest, run easy, run long, and do speedwork to increase your stamina and leg speed! 
    • Find injury prevention tips and remedies for common aches and pains, like shinsplints and plantar fasciitis. 
    • PLUS, find a complete list of the 10 largest half marathons in the country.

    With Your Ultimate Half Marathon Training Guide, you get proven race-day strategies and three training plans to choose from based on your current running expertise.

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  3. Your First Marathon

    Your First Marathon

    Get the right training plan to help you get to the starting line feeling fit, fresh, and ready to run your best. Learn More
  4. Your Best Marathon

    Your Best Marathon


    With invaluable guidance for running your best 26.2, this training guide features a stellar race-day performance plan. Whether you’re a rookie or veteran marathoner, Your Best Marathon Training Guide has the perfect plan for you to run your best time yet! In this guide, you’ll find:

    • Training plans for rookies to veterans 
    • Proven race-day strategies! When to hold back and when to pick up the pace 
    • Tips on how to stay energized throughout training and on race day with motivation, nutrition, and training tips 
    • Rules for arriving at the starting line healthy and injury free! 
    • Guidance on how to pick your perfect pace to set a PR 

    With the Your Best Marathon Training Guide, tap into the best training advice from Runner’s World magazine’s editors, the experts in training and racing for more than 40 years.

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  5. Winter Maintenance Plan (6 weeks)

    Winter Maintenance Plan (6 weeks)


    This six-week program will keep you fit through the dark days of winter so that when its time to start training for your target race, youll be fit, fresh, and ready to start strong. Each week includes two easy runs, a long run to preserve your endurance, and one session of faster running to keep your fitness sharp. Three days are reserved for rest or cross-training. Throughout the program, youll get tips on cross-training, running in cold and snowy conditions, plus advice how to maintain your healthy eating habits and fend-off holiday weight gain.


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  6. The Run Your Best Boston Plan (16 weeks)

    The Run Your Best Boston Plan (16 weeks)


    Did you BQ? Are you headed to Hopkinton? Runner's World, the leading authority on training and racing, has designed this unique plan to help you prepare to run the world's oldest and most-prestigious 26.2-mile course, the Boston Marathon. This 16-week program features easy runs, speedwork, and long runs, plus hill workouts that will help you develop the fitness you'll need to weather the descents early in the race and the notorious climb up Heartbreak Hill. Along with tips on training, nutrition, injury-prevention, and cold-weather running, you'll also get interesting facts and highlights about the legendary marathon. The plan is geared for someone who has met the qualifying standards for Boston in at least one other marathon, and regularly runs 30 to 40 miles per week. Each week of the program includes two days of easy running, two days of rest, one long run, hill work, and speed sessions such as mile repeats and Yasso 800s. The long runs start at nine miles and stretch up to 22 miles three weeks before the race. If you're training for another race, or this isn't the right plan for you, check out Runner's World's other marathon training plans.

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  7. Runner's World Start Running Plan

    Runner's World Start Running Plan


    This plan begins with a 20-minute walk and builds up gradually, so that in 7 weeks you'll be able to comfortably complete a 55-minute workout that combines running and walking.

    From the experts at Runner's World, get the right training plan to help you:

    • Burn more calories as you get stronger, fitter, and leaner in just 7 weeks!
    • Build your strength and run smarter with simple routines!
    • Challenge yourself with expert-tested running knowledge!
    • Slim down in just 7 weeks with 15-minute workouts!

    It's never been easier to START a running routine!

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  8. Runner's World Run Nonstop Plan

    Runner's World Run Nonstop Plan

    Runner's World Run Nonstop Plan Learn More
  9. Runner's World Run Longer Plan

    Runner's World Run Longer Plan


    This plan will help you build up the endurance to run 6 miles without walk breaks and the strength to race a 5-K (3.1 miles) or finish a 10-K (6.2 miles).

    From the experts at Runner's World discover the race-tested secrets for running faster, stronger, and longer!:

    • Boost your speed to beat your best PR!
    • Build your endurance with easy-to-follow workouts!
    • Run a 10-K with ease-in only 7 weeks!
    • Pick up the paceand nail any race goal!
    • Get stronger, fitter, and leaner with expert training plans to get you going faster and farther!

    Start a customized plan to meet your fitness goals today!

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  10. Runner's World Run Faster Plan

    Runner's World Run Faster Plan


    This plan begins with a 2-mile run and builds gradually, so that by the end of the 8-week program you'll be able to comfortably complete a 9-mile long run and do speed sessions at the track.

    Start training for your best race ever! The pros at Runner's World can help you:

    • Crank up your speed and fitnessrun 9 miles comfortably in 8 weeks!
    • Increase the intensity of your running with routines designed by the experts!
    • Gain strength and get lean for stronger finishes and top-notch PRs!
    • Supercharge your running and be race ready sooner!

    Train for maximum resultsfly across the finish line strong, healthy, and confident!

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