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  1. Run To Lose

    Run to Lose

    Drop unwanted pounds and keep them off with Run to Lose! Learn More
  2. 10-Minute Cross-Training for Runners DVD

    10-Minute Cross-Training for Runners DVD

    Improves performance and keeps you in peak shape -- in just 10 minutes! Learn More
  3. Run Less, Run Faster

    Run Less, Run Faster

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price: $12.50

    Become a Faster, Stronger Runner with the Revolutionary 3-Run-A-Week Training Program! Learn More
  4. Runner's World Cookbook

    Runner's World Cookbook

    Regular Price: $26.99

    Special Price: $15.00

    150 Ultimate Recipes for Fueling Up and Slimming Down--While Enjoying Every Bite Learn More


    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price: $14.99

    Run Strong All Year Long Learn More
  6. Your Ultimate Half-Marathon Guide

    Your Ultimate Half-Marathon Guide


    With invaluable tips on building to 13.1 miles and a stellar race-day performance, this training guide features a plan for every runner. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced runner, Your Ultimate Half Marathon Training Guide has everything you need. In this guide, you’ll get:

    • 9 week training plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners. 
    • Training pitfalls identified! The most common training mistakes to avoid so that you can remain injury free. 
    • Fuel facts disclosed! What to eat after every run and how to time it right. 
    • Proven race-day strategies revealed! When to hold back and when to pick up the pace. 
    • 4 training truths explained: Find out how to rest, run easy, run long, and do speedwork to increase your stamina and leg speed! 
    • Find injury prevention tips and remedies for common aches and pains, like shinsplints and plantar fasciitis. 
    • PLUS, find a complete list of the 10 largest half marathons in the country.

    With Your Ultimate Half Marathon Training Guide, you get proven race-day strategies and three training plans to choose from based on your current running expertise.

    Learn More
  7. Your First Marathon

    Your First Marathon

    Get the right training plan to help you get to the starting line feeling fit, fresh, and ready to run your best. Learn More
  8. Your Best Marathon

    Your Best Marathon


    With invaluable guidance for running your best 26.2, this training guide features a stellar race-day performance plan. Whether you’re a rookie or veteran marathoner, Your Best Marathon Training Guide has the perfect plan for you to run your best time yet! In this guide, you’ll find:

    • Training plans for rookies to veterans 
    • Proven race-day strategies! When to hold back and when to pick up the pace 
    • Tips on how to stay energized throughout training and on race day with motivation, nutrition, and training tips 
    • Rules for arriving at the starting line healthy and injury free! 
    • Guidance on how to pick your perfect pace to set a PR 

    With the Your Best Marathon Training Guide, tap into the best training advice from Runner’s World magazine’s editors, the experts in training and racing for more than 40 years.

    Learn More
  9. 5 Weeks to Your First 5K

    5 Weeks to Your First 5K


    It's perhaps the most important step you’ll take, deciding to run your first 5-K. Be confident though. Because if you can run 10 minutes, you can run a 5-K 5 weeks from now. Race one to rev up your fitness, reboot your routine, and have a little fun!

    With invaluable guidance for building to your first race and a stellar race-day performance, 5 Weeks to Your First 5-K has what you need to get to the starting line ready to run your best. You’ll find:

    • Tips to help you get the right shoes and the rest you need and tips on the importance of pacing your training
    • A simple, easy-to-follow training plan to keep you fit and focused
    • 10 motivation boosters to help you overcome any obstacle! Whether you need to bust out of a rut or shake off self-doubt, we’ve got solutions to get you across the finish line.
    • Proven race-day strategies! What to do in the days and hours before your 5-K to ensure a successful race
    • Fueling rules! What to eat and drink during training and on the big day
    Learn More

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