backslash fit Smart Mat

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backslash fit Smart Mat

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The smart, soft, self-rolling fitness and yoga mat that rolls up on its own for easy travel and storage.

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Introducing A Smarter Mat

Soft. Grippy. Self-Rolling.
backslash fit smart mat
4” longer than the average mat, so there’s room for your whole body!

◆Self-rolling for easy use and storage   ◆A smooth top layer that improves your grip even when you’re sweating   ◆5 mm thick to protect your knees and elbows with cloud-like cushioning   ◆Non-slip bottom layer

A Mat So Smart It Talks
backslash fit smart mat
Yes, you read that right. This mat pairs with Women’s Health Yoga on Amazon Alexa. Just grab your mat, fire up your Amazon Alexa, and let Women’s Health talk you through the flow of the day. The Amazon Alexa command is included with your mat.

You’ll Love This Mat!
backslash fit smart mat
  • NO slipping and sliding!
  • NO tangled straps!
  • NO curling edges!