Love Your Age

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Love Your Age

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Love Your Age. Love Your Curves. Love Your Life.

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Whether you are in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, you can look in the mirror and truly be delighted with what you see in just 21 days with Prevention's Love Your Age.

Everything changes after age 40. To look and feel your best, you need a revamped lifestyle. Thats where Love Your Age comes in. Its specifically designed for women aged 40 and beyond. With this 21-day plan, you will:

  • Nourish yourself with meals that truly satisfy. Thanks to hefty doses of lean protein, you can extinguish those between-meal hunger pangs. And the healing fats will help perk up your energy, immunity, and more.
  • Look forward to every single meal. Chips and guac, fluffy pancakes, and cheesy pizza are all a-double-amazing-okay on this plan. If you love creamy lattes made with whole milk, weve also got you covered. Plus, because you are human, weve made sure to include a little alcohol (one to two drinks a week) and indulgence (yes, bring on the brownies and chocolate mousse!)
  • Ditch Belly Bloat and other Stomach Issues! Youll love the recipes packed with soothing pre-and-probiotic foods so you can finally ditch the bloat, gas and other not-so-pleasant tummy troubles. Plus, theres sleep promoting magnesium (Yay! Trail mix!), and bone-builders like calcium and Vitamin D.Firm your whole body with gentle 20-minute routines. Discover how to overcome everyones #1 reason for skipping their workouts: lack of time. You can get up to an hour's worth of fat blasting in just 20 minutes.
  • Look in a mirror and smile at your reflection. Daily 3-minute mindset fixes, challenges, and journaling prompts will reset your mindset so you can finally ditch age negativity. Rather than obsessing over wrinkles and curves, youll come to appreciate every part of yourself.
  • Heat things up in the bedroom. With the help of the Love Your Age menus and lifestyle hints, youll start to feel sexier than ever. And with the decade-by-decade suggestions in your free companion guide, youll learn how to overcome dryness and other issues that can get in the way of a rich and satisfying sex life.
  • Accentuate your natural beauty. Discover the secret to plump, silky, glowing skin. Your free companion guide provides you with the advice you need to choose the best cleanser, moisturizer, and night cream for your age so you can work with how your body is aging rather than against it.

Drop the obsession. Claim the confidence. Look in the mirror & love what you see.