Real Food, Real Fast

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Real Food, Real Fast

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Comfort Food Classics and Homestyle Meals Made Healthier with Whole Foods

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Real Food, Real Fast provides you with helpful tools to move your diet from highly processed to real food. Thousands of delicious ingredients. You'll minimize your intake of potentially harmful additives that are found in fast foods and convenience foods and begin eating delicious meals that can help you prevent or manage a variety of health conditions. Also included is a 4-week plan that will show you how to make these changes gradually so your new food habits will become permanent and have a lasting impact on your health.

With Real Food, Real Fast, you'll discover:

  • How to quickly and easily cook your favorite foods using 8 Ways with... ground beef, turkey cutlets, chicken thighs, eggs, rice, and more
  • List of Food Imposters
  • Fast Fix tips throughout
  • 16 Mix-and-Match charts to create thousands of tasty meal combinations
  • 100 amazing side-by-side comparisons of real foods versus fake foods
  • "Natural" foods that aren't natural at all
  • Advice on how to shop for real whole foods
  • Plus a list of our favorite food brands that are real enough to be added to your shopping cart

Susan McQuillian, MS, RDN, is a nutrition, health, and lifestyle writer. She is a former senior editor of Reader's Digest general books and American Health magazine. She has published hundreds of articles in magazines and Web sites such as Family Circle, Cooking Light, and Prevention, as well as authored numerous books and cookbooks.