Live Well, Die Happy Book & Journal Set

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Live Well, Die Happy Book & Journal Set

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The Secret Formula for Maximizing Happiness, Savoring Time, and Discovering Your Life's Purpose

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Discover the Secret to Adding More Meaning to Every Single Day!

Hospice nurses, hospital chaplains, philosophers, and survivors want you to discover a powerful, life-transforming truth: Death is your greatest teacher. Face and embrace this truth and you open yourself up to more joy than you ever imagined was possible. This truth can also help you to more easily shrug off irritations, as well as to focus your attention on what truly matters. It enables you to prioritize time with the people you love, leave nothing important unsaid, overcome procrastination, mend relationships, and complete overlooked legacy projects.

Live Well, Die Happy unlocks the wisdom and techniques you need to maximize your most finite, precious, and unique resource: time. With this unprecedented guide, you can learn the crucial secret to using your mortality as a motivator to improve your life in ways you never dreamed possible. Here are 7 Incredible Ways You Can Change Your Life for the Better:

  1. Erase Wasted Time: Learn how to savor beauty, pleasure, and the people you love. Gain winning strategies for dedicating more time to your lifes true purpose. And never miss out on another important moment again.
  2. Achieve Glowing Health: When you accept that time only ticks in one direction, youll naturally adopt habits that allow you to spend as many years as possible engaged with the people and activities you love. Find out the best ways to eat your vegetables, take walks, and practice other healthy-for-life habits.
  3. Sidestep Stress: Discover a secret that will help you easily shrug off lifes frustrations from traffic to gadgets to long lines and wake up with the gratitude that comes from knowing that every single day is a gift.
  4. Experience Abundance & Joy Daily: Get a simple trick to help you determine the true meaning and purpose of your life so you can focus your time and energy on pursuits that bring you pleasure, joy, and satisfaction.
  5. Bounce Back with Strength: Discover time-tested ways to help yourself recover from your losses with resilience and strength. With Live Well, Die Happy, youll find out not just how to cope with losses but also how to learn from them.
  6. Protect Your Loved Ones: In Live Well, Die Happy, youll learn what to do today to provide comfort and protection to your loved ones after you are no longer here.
  7. Live on Your Terms: Live Well, Die Happy will help you make choices now that will ensure you can look back on a satisfying life without regrets, at peace emotionally, and in the comfort of strong, loving relationships.

With this Exclusive offer, youll also receive the bonus Live Well, Die Happy Journal at no extra cost. Packed with handy checklists, meditations, record-keeping tools, and trusted advice, this journal helps you do everything youve always wanted to do on a timetable that works for you. In this crucial resource, youll find:

  • A simple tool that helps you improve your diet and exercise habits almost effortlessly
  • Six questions that will help you fully document your heirlooms so your children and grandchildren can enjoy them and cherish them in the decades to come
  • A blueprint for making a scrapbook that represents your life. Your family will love that you took the time to create this keepsake!
  • Quick-and-easy prompts that make planning your eventual funeral a snap, so you can take the pressure off your loved ones
  • A chart that will help you see where your time is going
  • Quotes to inspire you to live your best and biggest life
  • Dozens of activites that will help you appreciate beauty, savor loved ones, and make the most of every single moment
  • Suggestions for how to jot down the essence of your life story. Yes, it works for nonwriters, and its easy. You can get it all done in just one day.

Yes, You Can Live Brilliantly! Discover how to live on your own terms, fill every day with passion and happiness, and create a legacy to be cherished!