Fit in 10: Total-Body Transformation DVD

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Fit in 10: Total-Body Transformation DVD

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Lose weight and sculpt your body with smart, easy exercise in 10 minutes a day

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Real Women. Real Life. AMAZING RESULTS!

Juggling a full schedule may be one of the biggest challenges women face. There are never enough hours in a day to “do it all.” If you’re lucky, you can squeeze in a walk or a run. It’s not as if you don’t know that you need to do cardio or lift some weights ... but where do you find the time?

We understand. At Prevention, we’re just like you — busy women with full-time jobs, kids, grand kids, pets, errands, appointments, meetings, and households to take care of. It’s one big crazy train most days, and it’s exhausting. That’s exactly why we created Prevention’s first ever strength-training exercise routine Fit in 10, where you can feel beautiful and confident by working out just 10 minutes a day!

This revolutionary new program is the fastest way to feel stronger, healthier, and more beautiful in your own body again! Fit in 10 gives women with busy lives an easy way to get the benefits of strength training and transform their bodies in ways they never thought possible. In just 10 minutes a day, you could lose weight and tighten, tone, and trim all those trouble spots and feel stronger, more confident, and full of energy. Fit in 10 is a breakthrough fitness program for busy women everywhere — and it works!

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