Heal Your Whole Body

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Heal Your Whole Body

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The 12-Day Power Plan to Flush Toxins, Balance Hormones & Reset Your Body's Most Essential Organ

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Learn the one simple secret that helps you lose up to 13 pounds in a few short weeks, and can erase your chronic symptoms: fatigue, joint pain, high blood pressure, migraines, anxiety, sinus problems, and much more! Now, there's ONE solution for ALL these conditions! They all link back to one single (very fixable) problem. And you can erase them all at once in just 12 days ” it's TRUE! The greatest health turnaround you can experience starts with your LIVER!

  • Learn how a sluggish liver may be impacting your health
  • Eat to support liver health, with an easy plan and more than 50 quick, delicious recipes
  • Boost your liver with simple yoga moves
  • Drop unwanted pounds and feel better than ever

Your liver is the most neglected, ignored, and MIRACULOUS organ in your whole body. Now (thanks to a breakthrough new plan from the publishers of Prevention magazine) you can completely repair and regenerate it and banish a host of chronic symptoms in just 12 days. The Heal Your Whole Body plan was developed by Frances Murchison, HHC, AADP, the founder of Mindfullyfed and a board-certified holistic health counselor who has coached hundreds of individuals and groups to stronger, happier, more active lives through healthy eating. And now, this renowned expert's advice has been distilled into one amazing volume, to help you detox your liver and rejuvenate your whole body!