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Get The Muscle You've Always Wanted - At Any Age!

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Get the Muscle You’ve Always Wanted – At Any Age!

Let’s settle this right now: you can build muscle after 40. But you can’t do it the way you did when you were 20.

That’s why Men’s Health created MA40. It stands for Muscle After 40, but this isn’t just the way 40+ guys should be working out. It’s the way everyone should be working out. This complete 8-week workout program maximizes every second of each session – halving your gym time while doubling your results and minimizing your risk for pulls, strains, and injury.

Developed by fitness expert David Jack, MA40 uses a cutting-edge lifting cadence coupled with advanced self-correcting, multi-plane exercises to help you: 
   Build Serious Muscle!
   Strengthen Your Entire Body!
   Add Size to Your Arms, Chest, Shoulders and Back!
   Lose Your Gut!
   Protect Your Joints and Tissues for Years to Come!

How does this sound? You’ll work out just 3 times a week for 30 to 40 minutes a session and finally achieve results that have long eluded you. 

The MA40 Training System Includes: 
   6 Muscle-Building 30-40 Minute Workouts

   1 Bonus 15-Minute Workout
   2 Bonus Recovery and Mobility Sessions
   2 Resistance Bands
   1 Therapy Ball

It’s time to

- Slash your workout time!
- Protect your back, knees, and joints!
- Finally get the results you deserve!

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