The Ultimate Upper Body Training Guide

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The Ultimate Upper Body Training Guide

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Build the Ultimate Upper Body

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The Ultimate Upper Body is the first Mens Health training guide dedicated to helping you sculpt the muscles that get you noticed. It isn't designed to be read, its designed to be used. Its a complete training journal to help you achieve better results. You can write your workouts in the spiral-bound guide.

Mens Health advisor and top trainer Ben Bruno will help you:

  • Chisel your chest! Train every muscle fiber from multiple angles with novel techniques like the dumbbell squeeze press.
  • Supersize your back! Blast your upper back and lats in every session, for a thicker, more powerful-looking torso.
  • Broaden your shoulders! Use Brunos unique exercises to build bigger, jacked deltoids and improve the strength of your shoulders.
  • Pump up your arms! Nearly every exercise in every workout hits your arms hard, helping stimulate muscle growth in your biceps and triceps.

Youll get stronger all over. While this plan emphases your upper body muscles (including your abs!), youll still work your lower half for a total-body training session that delivers gains like never before.