The Anarchy 10 Workout DVD

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The Anarchy 10 Workout DVD

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Muscle-Building, Metabolism-Revving Workouts That Take Only 10 Minutes!

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Muscle-Building, Metabolism-Revving Workouts That Take Only 10 Minutes!

Anarchy 10 workouts are brief, but they come with big rewards. Mens Health top trainer Andy Speer designed these superfast and effective 10-minute routines to build and maintain metabolically active lean muscle across four target zones: glutes and hamstrings, shoulders, chest and back, and quads and calves.

Using a mix of training techniques such as isometrics, tempo variation, and plyometrics youll create maximal muscle fiber stress in a short period of time. The result: new muscle growth, more strength, and an increased calorie burn that lasts for hours after your 10 minutes are up.

Gain power, strength, and mobility all in one workout using innovative gymnastics techniques!

  • Work every muscle for total-body strength
  • Chisel your legs, back, and core
  • Strip fat and reveal ripped abs

Anarchy 10 is designed to fit your life not the other way around. You can do just one 10-minute routine for a quick metabolism boost or to target a specific muscle group, or combine two, three, or all four for an intense total-body workout.

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