Men's Health Body Battle DVD

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Men's Health Body Battle DVD

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The Ultimate Workout Challenge Blast Calories! Smash Belly Fat! Rip Your Abs!

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Let The Battle Begin!

Introducing the ultimate workout challenge: Men's Health Body Battle. In this cutting-edge DVD, Men's Health experts B.J. Gaddour and David Jack two of the world's top trainers go head-to-head in a fierce fitness face-off. You follow along to their every move. Can you keep up?

Research shows that intense, resistance-training workouts like Body Battle can burn as many calories per minute as running at a pace of 6 minutes per mile. That makes this workout an incredibly effective way to incinerate fat and improve your cardiovascular fitness. To do Body Battle, all you need is 30 minutes and a couple of pairs of dumbbells. But to make Body Battle rise above the rest, we added another component: healthy competition. New York University scientists found that training with a fitter rival significantly boosts your exercise performance. And University of Saskatchewan researchers discovered that watching others working out more intensely than you can prompt you to push harder, too.

That's the Body Battle advantage. In each workout, you can try to go toe-to-toe with B.J. or Dave. Can you do more reps than Dave? Can you finish a circuit faster than B.J.? Every workout, every exercise, every single moment of these DVDs offers another opportunity to push past what you thought were your limits. And that's how you get better!

Once you hit play, you'll transform your living room into the frontlines of your fight against unwanted body fat. If you're looking for an intense, total-body workout that pushes you to get the results you want, then you're ready for this challenge.