The Men's Health Ultimate Gym Bag

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The Men's Health Ultimate Gym Bag

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The Perfect Gym Bag

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You know those cheap gym bags that companies put their logo on and give away at events or send you as a free gift? We didn’t want that for Men’s Health.

We wanted a bag that not looked great and was built to last, but that you’d actually be proud to own. We wanted a bag that you could take to the gym or even on an airplane, and feel like it was best in class.

And what we wanted, we got. Now you can get it, too.

Introducing: The Men’s Health Ultimate Gym Bag. This high-quality duffel is expertly designed to be the ideal way to transport your gear anywhere. It’s the perfect size—17.5” tall, 11” wide, 10” deep—for a full set of active wear, a second change of clothes, a towel, dopp kit, and shoes. And it’s made to be the strongest bag in the gym. If you’re looking for the perfect new bag, look no further: The Men’s Health Ultimate Gym Bag was created for you.

Just check out all the features:

  1. Military-Grade Zippers: The most underrated and overlooked secret to a high-quality gym bag. Because once the zipper goes, the bag is done.
  2. Metal Hardware: This is the real thing, not cheap plastic imitations that break in half when put through a little wear and tear.
  3. Water-Resistant Base: If you take it in the locker room, you don’t want a cloth bottom. This keeps your great dry, and is easy to clean.
  4. Padded Shoulder Strap: It’s a little detail, but it truly helps make this bag superior—especially when it’s fully loaded.
  5. Concealed Fleeced-Line Valuables Pouch: This provides a soft, no-scratch home for your phone, watch and other valuables. Every bag should have one; most don’t.
  6. Side Entry Shoe Compartment: Keep your kicks separate from the rest of your clothes. After all, they’ve been on the bathroom floor.
  7. Easy Load U-Shaped Opening: Instead of opening down the middle—forcing you to awkwardly squeeze your gear inside—this unique opening gives you full access.
  8. Front and Side Zippered Accessory Pockets: Because you always need extra pockets. For random stuff that’s important to take with you.
  9. Men’s Health Branded, Inside and Out: Understated, not over the top. Because we want you to represent the Men’s Health brand, not be a walking billboard.

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