Prevention Flat Belly Barre! DVD

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Prevention Flat Belly Barre! DVD

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with Suzanne Bowen

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Flat Belly Barre! is a new ballet-inspired fitness program!

The perfect 30-minute workout for losing pounds in your own living room was never so easy! Designed by top barre instructor Suzanne Bowen, Flat Belly Barre! is the perfect way to give your entire body a shape-up in just minutes a day. Plus: Lift your butt! Lean out your legs! Break a sweat without pain!

We love barre workouts because theyre fast and a blast. But what we really love is that anyone can get amazing results. No dance experience required.

Heres how Flat Belly Barre! works:

  • Cutting-edge barre techniques like small isometric movements target every inch of your body including those stubborn, hard-to-tone zones!
  • Dynamic stretches help you sculpt a long, lean, flexible body.
  • Energy-boosting cardio intervals provide the calorie burn to help you slim down.

These ultra-effective tools are packed into every workout. Its our secret formula for a total-body transformation! Say Good-Bye to Long, Exhausting Exercises!