Women's Health High-Intensity Dance Cardio DVD

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Women's Health High-Intensity Dance Cardio DVD

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Created by Selena Watkins: Winner of Women's Health Next Fitness Star

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Women's Health High-Intensity Dance Cardio is a new DVD fitness program thats so much fun, youll forget youre getting seriously fit!

Created by Womens Health Next Fitness Star winner Selena Watkins, High-Intensity Dance Cardio is designed to help you get the body you want without long, boring workouts! And you can do it all at home. So forget the gymturn your living room into a fat-burning dance floor!

Selena combines heart-pumping dance, body-toning strength training, and fast-paced cardio exercises into one workout! Youll love the hot dance moves that boost your heart rate and torch body fat and the cardio and strength intervals that target the areas you want to tone the most. So you can:

  • Flatten Your Belly!
  • Lean Out Your Legs!
  • Shape Your Shoulders!
  • Boost Your Metabolism!
  • Look Great All Over!
  • And So Much More!

You dont need to be an experienced dancer to train with Selena. Whether youre a beginner or advanced, youll get a butt-kicking workout. Thats why High-Intensity Dance Cardio is perfect for you and all your friends. Youll have a blast while blasting calories together! And even if youre alone in your living room, Selena and her crew will make you feel like youre at a fitness dance party! Trust us: Youll feel fierce and fit from head to toe!