Women's Health Workout Log Book

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Women's Health Workout Log Book

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Train Hard, Track Your Workouts, and Build Greater Strength!

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The Women's Health Workout Log Book is your workout partner to keep you on track and motivated as you build strength and sculpt lean muscle all over your body. Inside, you'll find workout logs for recording your exercises, as well as tons of space for you to scribble notes, jot down food, or add your own motivational tips. There's even a beginner's guide to a beach-ready body! Plus, you'll find hundreds of fat-burning, body-toning secrets to get you slim. FAST.

Let the Women's Health Workout Log Book help you:

Trim your frame and sculpt a HOT body!
The sample workouts are perfect for targeting muscle groups all over”including your legs, abs, arms, and butt”for a total-body transformation!

Nail your fitness goals faster by lifting a pen!
Every detail you put on paper will let you know when to scale back and when to jack it up a notch. Even better, you'll know you're getting fitter. Tackle your goals just by jotting down a few notes.

Eat foods that can help whittle your waist!
Stock your fridge and pantry with foods that build muscle and promote fat burn!

Tone at home!
With this no-gym workout, you'll be able to see sleek and slim results sooner”without having to join a gym!

Discover the 5 simple ways to flatten your belly!
Check out which strategies are most effective for eliminating belly fat for good. These secrets have helped thousands of Women's Health readers reach their weight loss goals!